We are Strategic Arts & Sciences, a consulting firm specializing in
strategic planning, transformational leadership and organizational development.

High Performance Teams

Strategy is all well and good, but without implementation, it’s a lost cause. Most often, we find that execution of goals requires engaging the organization at both ends – in the board room and in the trenches – simultaneously. We specialize in the creation and development of high performance project teams to reach your organization’s goals. These teams provide an opportunity for top performers across your organization to be recognized for their achievements, take on challenging work and actually develop through that work.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and facilitation should involve more than an annual meeting with choice of chicken or fish for lunch. Board development and education, proper communication between the board and the executive team, and proper assessment of business factors are at least as important as the eight hours spent in the planning session. At Strategic Arts and Sciences, we specialize in strategic planning that endures long after the memories of the catering.

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is a leadership approach that creates valuable and positive change connected to an inspirational vision. The current landscape is one of economic uncertainty, global turbulence, political instability, and general insecurity about the future. Most organizations will need to change dramatically in order to compete in the new economy – and that will require transformational leadership.

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Digital Marketing

When it's time to execute on a strategy, we tap into the production wing of our business: Extreme Arts + Sciences. (ea+s) is a full-service creative agency. You can expect that when working with us, we have the technical skill needed to bring ideas to reality.

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With multiple PhDs on the team, education and learning are important focuses for us. We're also big believers in the idea of gamification: an idea that making learning into a game and rewarding positive advancement is a good way to nuture engagement in a task. We've created our own software platform, called Engagification, which lets any business create custom-branded gamified activities.

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The CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council recently released a white paper highlighting some of our work with High Performance Teams. Here's a quote from the paper.

When SAS implements an ICS, one objective is to help the credit union create High Performance Teams (HPTs), designed to bring people together along a diagonal cross-section of the credit union. This is vitally important because the credit union can tap into the skills and expertise of more people with varying perspectives to talk about the things that are, or should be, important to the credit union.