There's No Place Like Home: ACU StafFest 2015
High Performance Teams


Since 2011, Strategic Arts and Sciences has partnered with Alabama Credit Union for its annual All-Staff day. Instead of following traditional standards and dragging employees through a day of professional speakers, ACU embraced the notion of letting staff plan Staff Day.

Situation Snapshot

For 2015, Alabama Credit Union’s senior team wanted to emphasize the importance of shared values across the entire organization.

SAS Engagement

Strategic Arts consultants worked with this year’s team of staff members and senior executives to plan and execute StafFest 2015—The Wizard of Oz. Rather than the more traditional “Dog and Pony Show” that entertains in the short term but leaves little to remember in the long run, an employee-driven staff day, using the voices of employees to deliver key messages and content offers a much more authentic and meaningful approach to winning hearts and minds.

Strategic Arts and Sciences’ High Performance Team strategy guided Team HYDRO through creating a memorable and engaging all-staff event. Team members learned new skills for planning, organizing, running meetings, communicating, developing messaging and fostering leadership. As the Wicked Witch’s flying monkeys, Team HYDRO collaborated with Strategic Arts consultants to organize all the event details, including messaging, keynote presentations, and breakout sessions.

The Strategic Arts team coordinated with Team HYDRO and other credit union leaders to develop and engaging day driving toward the concept of shared values. Strategic Arts helped facilitate the day’s events, including a keynote presentation by Randy Harrington. However, the primary goal of the day was to coach ACU employees to be their own show, run their own breakout sessions, and bond with one another through their shared experiences and their shared values.

ACU StafFest 2015 used the Wizard of Oz to encourage employees to breakdown silos and engage with the shared values that makes ACU “home.” By letting staff plan the day, ACU employees had ownership and investment in their own experience—As well as the chance to dress up their Compliance Officer as the Wicked Witch and their CEO as the Mayor of Munchkinland.