GTE Financial
Transformational Leadership


Strategic Arts & Sciences has assisted with GTE Financial's strategic planning since 2010. GTE's strong, visionary, road-less-taken approach has helped to reinvent the organization as an industry leader with staggering membership growth.

Situation Snapshot

GTE Financial wanted to infuse the connection between the strategic values of the organization and the professional development of the leaders within it—creating a stronger organizational culture.

SAS Engagement

In order to drive this kind of development, Strategic Arts & Sciences capitalized on the strengths of GTE’s existing leadership in order to amplify and deploy the leadership’s values in ways that are helpful for the whole organization. Drawing on wisdom from Aikido, Strategic Arts consultant Randy Harrington used GTE’s momentum and movement to help them realize their goals, recognizing that the real energy for transformation is within the organization itself. Strategic Arts leveraged the positive energy already present in the organization to nurture the existing organizational culture and help it grow better and stronger in a way that was authentic to GTE.

Over the course of 2 years, Strategic Arts & Sciences ran quarterly educational workshops designed to encompass theoretical and experiential learning, setting stand-and-deliver expectations for participants. These sessions created mirror situations, allowing employees to gain perspective about what was most important and relevant to their organization, their community and their culture.

From these exercises, employees identified happiness as crucial to their goals as an organization, making their members happy and being happy themselves. This revelation encouraged greater emphasis on driving wellness, because people were happiest when they felt good. This included initiatives to better care for employees’ physical wellbeing as well as stimulating wellness into GTE’s membership base—creating a collective community-oriented experience geared toward wellness and happiness.

By committing to working toward higher order values, GTE was able to foster an inclusive experience that permeated throughout the organization and reached into other areas of people’s lives. By taking a holistic look at the values of the organization and facilitating the growth of these values, there was a transformational impact on work life, family experiences, their broader community, and overall wellbeing—focusing on what is real and relevant for people across GTE Financial.