Satmetrix: Customer Passion 2015
Keynote Presentation


Satmetrix offers the software, data and expertise to help companies improve customer experiences and increase customer retention. Strategic Arts & Sciences worked with Satmetrix for the first time on this year’s customer experience conference.

Situation Snapshot

Satmetrix hosts an annual customer experience conference. This year’s conference, Customer Passion 2015, was held in San Diego, California at the beginning of June. Satmetrix reached out to Strategic Arts to create an impactful and engaging closing keynote presentation.

SAS Engagement

With the conference in San Diego, home of the U.S. Navy SEALs, Strategic Arts and Sciences worked with the SEALs to bring SEAL team training and expertise to Customer Passion 2015. Randy Harrington, Ph.D., CEO of Strategic Arts, worked with two retired Navy SEAL Captains, Rob Monroe and Dave Pittelkow to put together the conference’s closing keynote presentation, “When Two is One: The Strange and Powerful Analytics of the U.S. Navy SEALs.”

The presentation focused on how SEAL teams use innovation, advanced training techniques, and team development to achieve almost impossible levels of superiority in the toughest military circumstances. The address demonstrated how small can be big with the power of elite teams. Most notably, the keynote showed that the astonishing accomplishments of the SEAL teams are based on fundamental concepts, the same fundamental concepts that exist in the business world—leveraging data sets and cycles, using innovative resources, and the need for continuous learning.

The presentation also engaged the audience in a special version of BINGO drawing on the language of the SEALs. Participants played using SEAL team phrases and symbols including “Hooyah” and “You gotta love it when it sucks.” BINGO winners won prizes including SEAL Team posters done by Pete “the Pirate” Carolan, copies of Evolutionaries, and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot t-shirts.

The presentation was a success and a remarkable experience for the retired SEALs, receiving multiple standing ovations.