Truity Credit Union
High Performance Teams


Back when Truity Credit Union was 66 Federal Credit Union, they were early adopters of Strategic Arts and Sciences’ High Performance Teams. In order to grow the credit union, they instituted project teams to effectively and efficiently achieve their strategic initiatives. These teams were not only successful in achieving their goals, they also engaged and energized employees, encouraged cross-departmental communication, and oriented the entire credit union toward the organization’s larger strategic goals.

Situation Snapshot

High Performance Teams, or project teams, are more than work groups—These teams exist for a single purpose and a defined period of time; team members come from a diagonal slice of the organization, spanning across departments and including people throughout the hierarchy; and finally, they are bonded together through shared experience, training and communication. The benefits from these teams extend beyond an individual project and increase appreciation and understanding throughout the organization.

SAS Engagement

To reintroduce this program, Strategic Arts Consultant Carmen Voillequé is working with Truity’s Senior Team and Team Leaders to reevaluate and reinvigorate the processes in place. Using past successes and achievements, veterans of the organization have the opportunity to introduce newer employees to project teams. This means renewed focus on communication, leadership and teamwork across departments of the credit union—Expanding employee participation in the shared strategic goals and improving the Truity experience for members.

Truity recognizes the capacity for project teams to make a huge impact both on the strategic goals of the credit union and on the larger credit union culture. In partnership with Strategic Arts, Truity is reinvesting their attention and energies in High Performance Teams and their strategic initiatives in order to keep Truity “Good to Grow”.