United Federal Credit Union
Strategic Planning


Strategic Arts & Sciences began working with United Federal Credit Union in 2007. Gary Easterling, UFCU CEO, brought Strategic Arts in to challenge the senior team to compete with top performing credit unions. The goal was to not only survive in a challenging financial climate, but to also actively grow and thrive.

Situation Snapshot

United has looked to Strategic Arts & Sciences for ongoing strategic support to align initiatives with a comprehensive vision for the organization.

SAS Engagement

Strategic Arts & Sciences has worked with United to identify the organizations next mountain peak—their next opportunity, next innovation, next big challenge. United’s board and senior team embraced this bold strategy and strived to achieve these goals and initiatives.

Strategic Arts & Sciences helped identify United’s strengths and used them to create an authentic strategic vision. UFCU was skilled at looking ahead, with detailed financial scenario planning and impactful use of external data sources. Strategic Arts helped encompass this planning and data into United’s larger strategic vision. To do this, Strategic Arts produced VisionWare—a highly articulated view of United’s shared narrative. Through a series of research, graphic design, narrative messaging, and business composition efforts, United was able to use VisionWare to look even further down the road. This vision is used today to highlight United’s desired strategic goals and outcomes.

With this comprehensive vision as a guide, Strategic Arts & Sciences has continued to work with United to develop robust strategic plans—including ongoing work with United’s senior leadership and generating a comprehensive succession plan.

As a result of this strategic vision and United’s “Go! Go! Go!” attitude, United Federal Credit Union is now listed at one of the 100 largest credit unions in America. United’s aggressive, future-focused approach has allowed them to respond to intensive compression in the marketplace. United has not only survived, but has managed to grow as an organization during times of financial insecurity.

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