Randy Harrington, PhD
CEO/Senior Consultant

Randy Harrington, PhD is the founder and CEO of Strategic Arts and Sciences. With a natural gift for quickly assessing complex problems, Randy consults with clients to find practical, high impact solutions. Randy is not shy about expressing his influences or approach to consulting and speaking. His influences are extreme; he regularly works with former members of the US Navy SEAL Teams for inspiration on leadership and team development. He is a long time student of the martial arts and an avid diver and guitarist.

Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, authentic and informed communication will be central to any success or achievement.

No nonsense and razor sharp, Randy holds a doctorate from the University of Oregon in organizational communication. With 20 years of experience, Randy is now one of the premier consultants to financial institutions in the USA. He is a sought after strategic planner, building innovation, teamwork, and digital readiness into every plan. His theories on the effectiveness of high-impact teams and communication push clients like Microsoft, Bluetooth SIG Inc. and the United Nations to work smarter and more efficiently. Randy also earns lots of frequent flier miles delivering 20-30 keynote speeches each year to audiences from New York to Kyoto. He is the co-author of Evolutionaries: The Missing Link in your Organizational Chart from Inkwater Press.